Springfield Missouri Public Schools: Middle School Curriculum Overview

Subjects at Springfield Missouri Public Schools for Grades 6-8

The formative years spent in middle school are when students, much like architects in the making, learn to lay down the essential bricks for their future. Springfield Public School District (SPS) acknowledges the importance of this phase and offers a curated curriculum that serves as a blueprint for academic and personal growth. Learners begin to navigate more complex subjects to develop the necessary skills to innovate, lead, and make impactful decisions. Here are some courses offered at Springfield, Missouri, public schools that prepare the youth for high school and beyond while instilling a passion for learning and creativity.

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Rundown of Springfield Missouri Public Middle Schools

Springfield Public School District is the largest district and a beacon of academic excellence within the state. It has consistently set the bar high, earning a stellar reputation through the remarkable achievements of its students and overall school performance.

The middle schools help ease the transition from elementary to high school by introducing students to a more structured schedule and greater academic expectations while providing the support and guidance needed to succeed.

They often offer a variety of subjects and choice courses that allow students to explore different interests and talents. The exceptional public middle schools of Springfield, Missouri, are as follows:

  • Carver Middle School
  • Cherokee Middle School
  • Hickory Hills Middle School
  • Jarrett Middle School
  • Pershing Middle School
  • Pipkin Middle School
  • Pleasant View Middle School
  • Reed Academy
  • Westport Middle School

English Language Arts

The English Language Arts (ELA) fosters a deep appreciation for literature while enhancing reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students delve into various genres, from classic literature to contemporary works, poetry, and plays. It emphasizes developing strong writing skills, from crafting coherent sentences to constructing well-organized essays. Teachers may also focus on vocabulary expansion and grammar to equip them with the tools for effective communication.

Family and Consumer Science

This offers practical life skills for future independence. It covers various topics, including nutrition, cooking basics, budgeting, and household management. Students may experience hands-on cooking classes. Budgeting lessons teach the value of money management, while household management topics introduce the basics of cleaning, laundry, and home organization. This equips them with essential life skills and encourages responsibility and self-sufficiency.

Foreign Language

Springfield, Missouri, public schools offer middle school students introductory French and Spanish courses. These aim to lay a solid foundation in both languages, focusing on basic vocabulary, common phrases, and fundamental grammar. Through interactive lessons, students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a new language. This holistic approach enhances language skills and fosters a deeper understanding of global cultures.


Health education promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Topics often cover nutrition, personal hygiene, mental health, and substance abuse prevention. The youth learn about the importance of making healthy choices and the impact of those choices on their overall health. It also addresses adolescents’s emotional and social challenges, offering strategies for stress management, healthy relationships, and effective communication.


Students explore various topics, from algebraic concepts to geometry and data analysis. Problem-solving and critical thinking are honed, encouraging students to apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations. Teachers utilize various teaching methods, including technology integration, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects, to engage students and foster a love for math.


Springfield, Missouri public schools offer a vibrant music program featuring the 6th-8th Grade Band, Orchestra, and General Music and Choir. The Band and Orchestra focuses on instrumental music, teaching students to read music and perform as an ensemble. General Music and Choir classes allow students to explore a variety of musical genres, improve vocal techniques, and perform in school concerts.

Physical Education

Physical education in Springfield, Missouri, public schools emphasizes maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Students participate in various sports and physical activities to improve fitness, coordination, and motor skills. It also introduces students to team sports, individual sports, and fitness planning. Lessons on nutrition and personal health complement the physical activities, teaching students about the benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet.


Topics cover life, physical, and earth science to encourage curiosity and critical thinking. Hands-on experiments and interactive projects allow students to apply scientific methods and explore concepts deeply. From studying the structure of cells to understanding the laws of physics and the complexities of ecosystems, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the natural world. It aims to understand the scientific principles that govern our universe.

Social Studies

This subject explores cultures, histories, and societies that have shaped the world. It’s not just about memorizing dates and facts; it’s about understanding the complexities of human societies and our place within them. From ancient civilizations to modern-day politics, students are encouraged to analyze events critically, understand different perspectives, and appreciate the diversity of cultures. Interactive projects, debates, and digital resources are integrated, making history come alive.

Technology and Information Literacy

This subject goes beyond teaching students how to use technology; it empowers them to become discerning digital content consumers and creators. Students learn to navigate the vast sea of online content, assess the credibility, and use technology responsibly. Through hands-on projects, they explore coding, digital storytelling, and how to leverage technology for research and problem-solving. This is designed to equip students with the critical thinking they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Technology Education

This hands-on subject introduces students to principles of engineering, robotics, and computer science. They learn to design, build, and test their solutions to real-world problems through collaborative projects. It’s a place where failure is seen as a step towards success, encouraging a growth mindset. As students progress, they develop technical skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills, preparing them for a future where they can be innovators and problem solvers.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Springfield, Missouri, Public Schools is a colorful exploration of creativity and expression. Students are introduced to various mediums, from traditional painting to digital art and photography. Art history and appreciation may be woven into the program, helping students understand and value the role of art in society and cultures worldwide. Projects are designed to be student-centered, allowing for personal expression and exploring contemporary issues through art.

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