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Situated in the Oakland foothills, northeast of Fruitvale, southeast of the Dimond district and Laurel area, and just west of Mills College, the Maxwell Park neighborhood is defined by I-580 which runs along the top of the community. The community primarily consists of residential homes with varying styles ranging from bungalows and Craftsman to Spanish style, split-levels built in the 1920s and 30s, and Tudor revivals. Multi-unit buildings are also part of the community. While some streets have a more suburban feel than others, the community is diverse in its home styles and vibe. Some homes in the district have views of the Bay. Maxwell Park is conveniently located just 25 minutes away from downtown Oakland, and Lake Merritt is a quick fifteen-minute drive away. Additionally, Redwood Regional Park is only 16 minutes away by car. And the Maxwell Park itself stretches from Fleming Avenue to Allendale Avenue, between Monticello Avenue and High Street.


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Things To Do Around Maxwell Park Oakland And Nearby Areas

Maxwell Park is generally a safe community with many diverse activities and establishments right outside its borders. It can get busy around 55th sometimes. But the neighborhood itself is a more peaceful space for retirees and families. If you’re on the internet looking for things to do around the area, we’ve outlined some recommendations you can check out before deciding to buy into the area’s real estate.


  • Taqueria La Mejor
  • China Kitchen
  • Cocobreeze Caribbean Restaurant
  • Ruth’s Buka
  • Tacos By Alberto
  • Red Sea Coral
  • Sweet Fingers Jamaican Restaurant
  • Lena’s Soul Food

Bakeries & Desserts:

  • Green House Bakery
  • Cocobreeze Bakery
  • Faithy Bakes
  • Dick’s Donuts
  • Crumble & Whisk

Shopping & Supermarkets:

  • Shop Rite Supermarket
  • Seminary Point
  • Cardenas Markets

Parks & Recreation:

  • Maxwell Park
  • Courtland Creek Park
  • Brookdale Park
  • Concordia Park
  • Rainbow Recreation Center Park
  • Allendale Recreation Center
  • Carmen Flores Recreation Center

Health And Fitness:

  • Compound Strength and Conditioning
  • Planet Fitness
  • Body Mechanix Fitness
  • Haas Pavillion
  • Lightnings Boxing Club
  • Diego’s Power Alley Gym
  • Gopa Boxing Club

And if you’re worried about your family receiving their basic needs, Maxwell Park has quite a few things up its sleeve.


Family-Friendly Establishments

One of the things home buyers look for on their hunt is if a community that the home belongs to has the essential facilities to accommodate their needs. For families, this can be schools they can send their children to. These facilities can also include hospitals for emergencies or medical scares. Maxwell Park has a lot of these. Let’s look at the educational and medical institutions you’ll have at your disposal.


  • Yu Ming Charter School
  • Francophone Charter School Of Oakland
  • Downtown Charter Academy
  • East Bay Innovation Academy
  • AIMS College Prep Middle School
  • The Academy Of Alameda Elementary School
  • Envision Academy For Arts & Technology
  • Urban Montessori Charter School
  • Lazear Charter Academy
  • Cox Academy
  • Oakland Unity Middle School
  • Community School For Creative Education
  • Aurum Preparatory Academy
  • Latitude High School

Clinics & Hospitals:

  • Laurel Foot Clinic Podiatry
  • PTSD & Depression Treatment Center
  • La Clinica Julian R. Davis Pediatrics
  • Osita Health Clinic
  • S-Health Women’s and Men’s Clinic
  • Tiger Health Clinic
  • Haart Clinic
  • Clinica Alta Vista
  • Webster Medical Clinic
  • Highland Hospital

As you can see, you don’t have to be worried. Moving into Maxwell Park provides access to various facilities for the immediate and long-term timeframe.


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